How To Design A Custom Closet

Here’s how to design and build a custom closet in a way that is easy to do and looks great. (It’s also low cost)

–Contents of this video —————————-
00:00 – Intro
00:48 – How to cut shelves and what materials to use
02:37 – Painting the shelves (and what kind of paint to use)
04:13 – Prepping the closet for installation
06:30 – Timelapse plus tips on installation
07:51 – Caulking and finishing the shelves
08:25 – Before and after pics
08:35 – Planning and designing your closet

—Materials and Tools needed for the job ———————-

There are way too many overly complicated closet systems out there. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to cut and install built-in closet shelves that look great, and most importantly, hold and organize your stuff.

This is a complete closet remodel, broken down into a DIY tutorial that is easy to understand.

Designing your closet can be challenging and time-consuming, but in this video, I’ll walk you through a simple process that will make designing your closet 10x easier.

I’m convinced this is the best way to build a custom closet.